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Today, we are in the world of technology. Technology is so much advanced today that communication is now at fingertips. Communication today is fastest in terms of time for delivery and cheapest in terms of cost of delivery. There are various modes of communicating such as SMS, e-Mail, Instant Messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, We Chat, etc. All this is result of advanced and ‘smart’ technology.
Now-a-days we have smart phones, smart computers, smart tablets, smart technology, etc. We can see everything is becoming smart and smarter. But do we ask ourselves, that in the age of technology becoming smarter, are we also becoming smarter? What comes to my mind always looking at the today’s scenario that – This is the age of smart technology and idiot people. Technology is getting smarter but people are getting idiots.
With the increase in the use of social networking, we have definitely reduced the gap between ourselves, but alongside it, there is an increasing amount of spam in the soc…