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Value of CA Services

Earlier, I have written various articles relating to students. This is my first article keeping in mind Chartered Accountants in Practice. This article also applies to any professional providing services in the form of practice. However, I am writing this article for Chartered Accountants only. This article is regarding the value of services given by CA’s in Practice.
Ours is not a business industry whereby we can estimate the cost of goods manufactured or cost of goods traded. If we consider the expenditure we incur on providing our services, it is very negligible. Being a professional we spend our time or rather we invest our time. So the value of services cannot be measured as easily as compared to products. So how should the services be valued?
There may be different perceptions about how to value the services and charge accordingly. But by any means or methods, the crucial factor on which the calculation should be done is time. We provide our time to clients. Time is the most impor…

Failure is not Falling Down

In this age of cut-throat competition, everybody is racing towards success. However, it is not possible for everyone to succeed at once. There is competition almost everywhere. In every phase of life, in every sector of life, there is competition. Everybody wants to succeed. Nobody wants to fail. Still it is not possible that everyone will succeed. But in this race, people fail to understand the real meaning of success and failure.
Those who succeed don’t think need to understand what the real meaning of success is. They are too much satisfied to care about. On the contrary those who don’t succeed are also not aware what the exact meaning of failure is. They are too much depressed to care about. In this article, I’ll just write about the latter part and not the former. I’ll write another article for it.
In common parlance, failure means not achieving something that is desired. Examples of failure are, failing in exams, making losses in business, failing in job interviews, failing in sci…

Believe in Yourself...!

There is an old maxim which says, “God helps those who help themselves”. It means that God, the super natural power favors only them who are ready to help themselves. Those who just wait and watch for letting things happen automatically end up achieving nothing. However, working only is not sufficient. Barring a few exceptions, people keep on working or taking efforts. These efforts may be for any purpose, e.g. study, employment, business, sports, developing personal skills, social contributions, etc. Everybody is busy in some or other activity.
It is rightly said that hard work cannot be avoided. But despite of everybody taking so much of hard work we don’t see everybody succeeding till the end. What might be the reason? Many of us believe that it may be bad luck or in common parlance we say “naseeb me hi nahi hai”. But this is not so. For any given achievement, luck works only to the level of 2-5%. If it is so, then what is the lacking element? That element is self-belief. Yes, self-…